SDCC 2015: Interview with Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin) SDCC 2015: Interview with Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin)
Interview with Robin Lord Taylor of Gotham, from the 2015 Comic-Con International in San Diego SDCC 2015: Interview with Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin)

The second season of Gotham drops September 21, 2015 on FOX, and one of the highlights of the entire series is Robin Lord Taylor‘s portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot, the erstwhile “Penguin.” Now, without characters like Fish Mooney in the way, will the character embrace some new power?

“He’s running the show,” Taylor says with Oswald Cobblepot-level confidence. “He set out to accomplish that in the first season, and he got it. He’s the king of Gotham in terms of the underworld, at the moment. Falcone’s gone; obviously Maroni’s dead. Fish is out of the picture. We’ll see how long he holds on to it,” he says.

There are some new threats coming to Oswald in Season 2, and Taylor speaks a bit about the audience reaction to his performance as Oswald. He also talks about the changing dynamic of Oswald and Jim Gordon, and how that “honeymoon is over.”

And… does Oswald have his own Oswald Cobblepot?

Watch the video to see.

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